II. 研討會目標

1. 檢視世界各地不同界別及機構應對青年違法防治的策略和實務工作
2. 連繫各地專家學者進行跨專業合作及交流,整合及建議具前瞻性應對青年違法的方案


Conference Objectives

1. To review global strategies and practical experiences in problems related to youth crime problems
2. To connect experts and scholars for a multidisciplinary collaboration and make recommendations on the tackling strategies dealing with youth crime


III. 研討會安排


日期: 2022年11月17日 (星期四)
時間: 上午9時30分至下午5時正
地點: 香港北角百福道21號香港青年協會大廈9樓
形式: 混合模式 ─ 實體及線上模式同時進行
語言: 主要為英語及粵語 (普通話即時傳譯)


Conference Details

Inviting overseas and regional experts, scholars and youth workers to a one-day conference to share their views on the youth crime prevention issues.

Date: Thursday, 17th November 2022
Time: 9:30am to 5:00pm
Venue: 9/F, The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Building, 21 Pak Fuk Road, North Point, Hong Kong
Format: Mixed mode (with both online and face-to-face sessions)
Language: Mainly in Cantonese and English (simultaneous interpretation services to Mandarin is available)
Participants: Overseas and regional experts, social workers, youth workers, primary and secondary school principals and teachers, tertiary and university students


IV. 形式及內容


早上︰ 兩場主題演講(Keynote Speech)及一場專題演講(Plenary Session)

中午︰ 三組平行環節(Parallel Session),合共六場專題座談會
1) 守法與價值教育
2) 科技罪行預防與對策
3) 青年毒品問題預防與對策
4) 犯罪違規新介入手法
5) 青少年犯罪、家庭與社區
6) 青少年精神健康、全健思維與犯罪預防

全日︰ 網上展覽


Format and Content

Theme: Youth Crime Prevention: A Roadmap for the Future

Morning: Two Keynote Speeches and one Plenary Session
Participants are invited to share their views on 「Challenges and Opportunities of Youth Crime Prevention 「.

Afternoon: Three Parallel Sessions to share and discuss service rationale and models, interventions and skills, and practical experiences on the following six themes:

1) Being Law Abiding and Values Education
2) Cybercrime: Prevention and Tackling Strategies
3) Youth Drug Issue: Prevention and Tackling Strategies
4) Neo-Intervention Strategies to Youth Crime and Deviance
5) Youth Delinquency, Family and Community
6) Youth Mental Health, Wellness and Crime Prevention

Whole day: An Online Exhibition to showcase the achievements, with evidence-based implementation plans and service effectiveness of the HKFYG Youth Crime Prevention Centre, including assessment tools, service protocols, counselling intervention and tools, etc.